Full Fix: Adobe error 16 on Windows 10, 8.1, 7


This guide is going to concentrate on how best to mend Adobe mistake 16 on Windows 10 and a great deal of Windows 10 users utilizing Adobe software suites may get this piece very beneficial and informative.

Adobe mistake 16, exactly what is it and how to repair it?

Adobe mistake 16 can Keep You from conducting your favorite Adobe applications, and be talking of the mistake, here are some similar problems that consumers reported:

Adobe error 16 please uninstall and reinstall the item — Occasionally this error might appear while attempting to run particular Adobe applications. If this happens, fully get rid of the problematic application and install it.

Adobe error 16 Windows 10, 8.1, 7 — This mistake can appear on almost any version of Windows, and older versions like Windows 8.1 and 7 aren’t exceptions. Even in the event that you don’t use Windows 10, you need to have the ability to apply virtually all of our alternatives to old versions of Windows.

Error 16 Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CC — Lots of users reported this difficulty in applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. In case you have this problem, try running the applications as an administrator and check if this helps.

Adobe Reader, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD mistake 16 — This mistake Can Occasionally appear in applications like Reader, After Effects, and XD. If it happens, consider producing a SLStore directory and check if this solves the issue.

Option 1 — Establish the Creative Cloud app using Administrator rights

According to customers, occasionally Adobe mistake 16 can appear if you do not have the required privileges. Users claim that you require administrative privileges so as to run Creative Cloud applications. But you can always Begin an application with administrative privileges by performing the following:

  1. Find a Creative Cloud application on your PC.
  2. Right-click the application and select Run as a secretary in the menu.

If this procedure works for you, you are going to need to repeat it each time that you wish to conduct Creative Cloud. But you can force the application to always run with administrative privileges by performing the following:

  1. Right-click Creative Cloud application and select Properties in the menu.
  2. When Properties window opens, then visit the Compatibility tab and assess Run this application as an administrator.
  3. Now click Apply and OK to store changes.

After doing this the application should start with administrative privileges and the issue ought to be solved.

Option 2 — Update your graphics card driver

According to customers, there are times when you may have the ability to mend Adobe mistake 16 by simply upgrading your graphics card drivers. Many consumers claim that they were able to address the matter by simply upgrading their drivers so you may want to attempt this.

Updating your graphics card driver is quite easy, and to be able to get it done, you only need to see your graphics card manufacturer’s site and download the latest version on your model. In addition, we have a thorough guide on the best way best to upgrade graphics card driver, which means you may want to test it out.

If you do not wish to download drivers manually, then you might even use automated software that can download the required drivers to get you with only a single click.

Option 3 — Create a new SLStore folder

According to customers, occasionally Adobe mistake 16 can happen if you do not possess the SLStore directory on your PC. This directory ought to be found at the installation directory of your Adobe product, however, when the directory is lost for any reason, you may experience this error. To fix the Issue, you just Have to Do the following:

  1. Visit C:\Program Files\Adobe and browse into the directory of the application you are trying to operate.
  2. Now right-click the vacant area, and select New > Folder in the menu.
  3. Input SLStore since the title of the new folder.
  4. Now attempt to begin the application again and check whether the issue is solved.

Option 4 — Install Adobe Application Supervisor

If you continue getting Adobe mistake 16, you may have the ability to repair the issue by simply installing Adobe Application Manager. This is a tool made by Adobe, and you may download it for free from Adobe’s website.

As soon as you download and install Adobe Application Manager, then the problem ought to be entirely solved and you are going to have the ability to run applications with no difficulties.

Option 5 — Glue adbeape.dll to the installation directory

Occasionally missing DLL files may cause Adobe mistake 16 to appear, but you could have the ability to address the issue by copying adbeape.dll into the installation directory. To get this document, it is ideal to copy it manually from another PC which has Adobe products installed.

As soon as you copy this file into the installation directory, then just run the problematic application as an administrator and the matter ought to be solved.

Option 6 — Change the features of SLStore directory

As we mentioned in one of the prior alternatives, SLStore directory can occasionally bring about Adobe mistake 16 to appear. But, it is possible to repair the matter by simply altering few characteristics of the SLStore folder.

To do that, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find SLStore directory. It needs to be found in Adobe CC installation directory.
  2. As Soon as You find it, then right-click SLStore and select Properties in the menu.
  3. Now find the Characteristics section and be certain Read-only alternative is not enabled.


Now click Apply and OK to store changes.

After making these modifications, attempt to begin the application again and check whether the issue is still there.

How to fix Windows 10 error 0x80071a91


Windows 10 is among the most popular operating systems on the planet these days. But exactly like any OS, in addition, it has its myriads of problems. Inside this guide, we are going to discuss mistake 0x80071a91 and how to repair it.

Windows 10 malfunction 0x80071a91 is a mistake which happens on largely Windows 10 PC following recent updates from reduced Windows versions like Windows 7 and Windows 8. Error 0x80071a91 prevents users from downloading and installing Windows upgrades. We can state that Windows 10 inherited this error code from Windows 8.1. Error 0x80071a91 is among the most ordinary Windows 8.1 codes.

Inability to set up latest Windows patches expose Windows PC to newest threats and security attributes; therefore, which makes this mistake problem a requirement to fix.

Corrupt system drivers corrupted Windows OS setup, and Windows Updates problems are a few of the factors responsible for activating Windows 10 malfunction 0x80071a91. Thus, we’ve enjoyed working options geared towards repairing the mistake problem once and for all.

How can I fix Windows 10 Error 0x80071a91?

1. Run a Complete system scan

Malwares and viruses may creep upon your own Windows PC and corrupted significant system drivers; therefore, you encounter Windows 10 mistake 0x80071a91 issue. We strongly suggest that you utilize MalwarebytesAdwCleaner-a malware removal software to remove all malware in the Windows PC.

Follow the following steps install, download, and use MalwarebytesAdwCleaner in your own Windows PC:

  • Download MalwarebytesAdwCleaner.
  • Double-click about the downloading exe file and follow the prompts to finish the installation.
  • Once setup, right-click on the MalwarebytesAdwCleaner icon and select”Run as administrator” to start the app.
  • From the MalwarebytesAdwCleaner screen, click the”Scan” button to start the scanning operation.
  • Following the finished scan, click the”sterile” button.
  • Currently, click”OK” when prompted to reboot your PC to finish the cleanup.

2. Install Microsoft Hotfix

Some Windows users could fix Windows 10 mistake 0x80071a91 using Microsoft Hotfix. Here is the way to do so:

  • Visit the Microsoft Support Connection.
  • Currently, Click Hotfix Download alternative.
  • After downloading, Install the Hotfix by following the prompts
    Restart your PC afterward.
  • But if you’re still experiencing the issue, try another solution.

3. Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

The newer version of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Creators Update includes Windows Update Tracking tool. Since Windows 10 mistake 0x80071a91 is connected to Windows upgrade; hence you have to use Windows Update troubleshooter.

Although, you Might Not Be certain about how to use this troubleshooter in Windows 10, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Visit Settings.
  • Head over to Update & Security > Troubleshoot.


  • Locate Windows Update, and then click Run the troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen instructions and then restart your pc.



4. Reset Windows Updates parts.

Disclaimer: This option includes measures which are a part of changing the registry. Please be aware that severe problems might happen if you do so incorrectly. Thus, follow these steps properly, and attentively.

Here is how to manually reset the Windows Updates Components:

  • Click Start
  • Select Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Click Yes when asked for permissions
  • Cease the BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer, and Windows Update Services by typing the following commands in a command prompt:
  • net stop wuauserv
    web stop cryptSvc
    web stop pieces
    web stop msiserver (Press Enter after each command you type)
  • Rename the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folder by typing the commands below from the Command Prompt then press Enter after every command you type:
  • Ren C:WindowssoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • Ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.old
  • Restart the BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer, and Windows Update Services by typing the following commands in Command prompt:
    net start wuauserv
    web start cryptSvc
    web start bits
    web start msiserver
    Sort Exit from the Command Prompt to shut it
    Then, rerun Windows Updates and install the most recent updates.

On the other hand, some Windows users recounted getting Access Denied drives when attempting the stages above. Here Is What to do if your access is refused:

Log initially as aadministrator or use administrator user accounts
Cease the windows Update support and try to rename SoftwareDistribution folder

  • Click Start
  • Select Run
  • Type services.msc and press OK or input
  • Scroll down and find Windows Update support
  • Click and choose Properties
  • Halt the service

Follow the steps above in Order to reset Windows Update Components

After finishing the procedure, go to “Services” window, now begin Windows Update support, then restart the pc.

5. Roll Back into Windows 8.1/7

Latest update from Windows 7/8/8.1 into Windows 10 may also cause Windows 10 malfunction 0x80071a91. For this reason, you may want to downgrade your Windows OS back to its own previous OS.

Note: But you might need to input’Safe Mode’ to be able to downgrade.

This is the Way to roll back your Windows OS:

  • Press the Windows Key and”I” without quotations to open Preferences.
  • Visit the Update & safety menu.
  • Select the Recovery tab.
  • Click on the button”Get began beneath the choice Return to Windows 7/8/8.1.
    Follow the prompts to complete the downgrade procedures.

Note: A complete Windows.old file (saved in C:Windows.old) is your important precondition for the downgrade.

How To Fix AVG install error on Windows 10


AVG install error, how to fix it?

Antivirus software is among the most significant tools which you have on your computer. Tools like AVG are intended to guard you against malicious applications, therefore it is almost always a fantastic idea to have an antivirus application installed. Setup issues can always happen, and now we are going to explain to you just how you can mend AVG install error on Windows 10.

Option: Use Ninite to set up AVG

If you can not install AVG because of installation errors, you may wish to look at utilizing Ninite to install AVG. If you are unfamiliar with it, then Ninite is a distinctive service which allows you to set up the most well-known apps with only a single installment. Ninite supports a vast selection of programs and using it, you bypass many setup dialogs and unnecessary bundled programs. To install AVG with Ninite, go to Ninite’s site, assess AVG and install it. After that, run the installation file and wait patiently while AVG is set up.

Option 1: Use AVG Remover instrument

If you obtain installation mistake 0xc0070643, among the methods to fix it would be to conduct an AVG Remover tool. Throughout the setup procedure, a few AVG documents will be saved to a PC. These files may interfere with future efforts to install AVG, so it is vital to eliminate those documents. To do so, you want to download AVG Remover. Run the application and wait till it eliminates the prior setup of AVG. Following the application removes AVG setup, restart your PC and check whether the issue is solved. Some customers are also proposing to close off your PC once you utilize this particular tool and turn it back again so you may want to try this too.

Users are also proposing to get AVG Reset Access instrument. After downloading the application, run it and check whether the issue is solved. Another instrument that consumers are advocating is AVG BFE Repair tool. Just download AVG BFE Repair, run it and it should resolve the issue.

After using all three tools, AVG installs mistake 0xc0070643 ought to be solved. We must mention that few users reported that this system did not work for them. In accordance with these, the AVG Remover tool did not repair the issue, and they were getting 0xc0070643 description: occasion exec_finished error when attempting to install AVG. To repair this issue, you have to run AVG Remover out of Safe Mode.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start Menu and click on the Power button.
  • Hold on the Alter key in your computer and select Restart choice from the menu.
  • Now you will see three choices out there. Pick Troubleshoot > Advanced choices > Startup preferences and click on the Restart button.
  • As soon as your PC restarts, you will see a listing of alternatives out there. Pick Safe Mode with Networking by pressing on F5 in your computer.

When the Safe Mode begins, all third-party drivers and applications will be disabled, so there is nothing that can interfere with the AVG elimination tool. Simply run the application and follow the directions on the display to eliminate AVG. After doing this, restart your PC and attempt to set up AVG once more.

Option 2: Use Revo Uninstaller

AVG is famed for its anti-virus software, although installing AVG anti-virus you can occasionally set up AVG PC Tuneup also because two programs are usually bundled. In case you have AVG install malfunction 0xc0070643, then you will need to eliminate AVG PC Tuneup tools out of the PC. To do so, use Revo Uninstaller.

Following that, you have to run the AVG Remover instrument to get rid of previous AVG setup. Users are also proposing to utilize tools like Everything Search App and Regseeker to look for almost any AVG files left in your own PC and in your registry. If you locate and AVG files or registry entries, eliminate them from the PC. Restart your PC and attempt to set up AVG again.

Option 3: Fix your registry

Users reported that mistake 0xc0070643 can appear because of problems with your registry. According to customers, it appears there are particular registry consent conditions that keep you from installing AVG. To repair this issue, you have to download CCleaner and install it on your computer. Once the application is installed, run it, select Registry in the menu on the left and right click on Scan for problems button. Wait while the scanning is done. After the scanning is finished, pick all issues and select Repair chosen issues. After issues with the registry have been solved, restart your PC and attempt to set up AVG again.

Option 4: Download and then set up an offline version of AVG

If you can not install AVG antivirus because of malfunction 0xc0070643, then you may want to try using offline setup. AVG, like many other apps, utilizes online installation that arranges the necessary documents as you put in the program. This makes downloading AVG somewhat faster because the installation file is just a couple of MB in size, but this method has its own flaws. When there’s an issue with your Internet connection or using AVG’s servers, then your own setup might fail, and you will receive error 0xc0070643. To prevent this issue, it is suggested that you try using the offline installer. This installer is considerably larger in proportion, and it’ll take you two or three minutes longer to download the installation file, however you need to be able to prevent this error entirely by employing this method. You’re able to download the offline setup from AVG’s site or by a dependable third party resource. Remember that offline setup may be concealed in AVG’s download section, which means you will want to appear carefully for this.

Microsoft Office 2013 installation error code 3033-77


Details of the Error: Microsoft Office Error codes 3033-77 happens because of a current installation of the exact same version of Microsoft Office on your computer registry.

How to fix this issue? The measures for repairing this problem includes reinstalling or repairing of Office 365 or even Office 2013. You may follow the below steps to solve the matter.


Windows 7 Operating System:

(I)Go to Start >click Control Panel> Open Programs >Select Programs and Attributes .
(ii)Click that the Office app you want to repair and click on Change.
(iii)For Office 2013 & Office 365, Click Fast Fix.


You might have to restart your pc after the fix is complete.

If the matter still happening, then you ought to Uninstall the workplace fully and then reinstall it.

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 Operating System:

(i)Press that the Windows logo key + X at which you are able to see the listing of alternatives.
(ii)Select Programs and Characteristics .
(iii)Just click on the Office application you want to fix, and then click Change.
(iv)For Office 2013 & Office 365, Click Fast Fix.
You may want to Restart your pc after the fix is complete.
If the problem still occurs, then you ought to Uninstall the workplace fully and then reinstall it.
Enter the product key for Office and click Setup.
It will ask you to log into a Microsoft account.


Type in the product key and click Setup It will ask you to login into a Microsoft account. So the new installment is connected with your Microsoft Account. Hence it isn’t required to maintain the item crucial for the future usage. It’ll be added to a Microsoft Account. Follow the below steps to complete the setup.

Windows 10 upgrade or installation hangs

In case your Windows 10 Upgrade or Install hangs or has neglected, through inWindows 10 Upgrade or Install hangs.

There’s a small group of customers that have faces problems during the update or installation procedure itself.

Windows 10 update hangs


There are numerous things which can determine the speed of your update. It may be:

  • Your hardware specification
  • Processor electricity
  • Disk space accessible
  • Hard disk read-write rates
  • the quantity of information on your computer that’s needed to be supported up and above all.
  • The speed of your Internet link.

There were reports that the update process has taken all 24 hours! Occasionally, you could even find a message Taking more than normal but it needs to be ready shortly, Do not turn off PC.stallation, this post can allow you to fix the situation. For many, the Windows 10 update procedure was a fairly smooth affair. For many others, there have been many difficulties. Some during setup and many others throughout activation.

The point to notice is Is the machine appearing dead? Or can it be making some sounds? Is your device’s light flickering or flashing? In that case, then it’s ideal to wait.

It is taking a little longer than anticipated
Microsoft has detailed several points Particularly, in which the Windows 10 update process may Seem to hang:

1. At 30-39percent: On the black screen with a blue ring. Here Windows 10 remains to download all dynamic upgrades for Windows 10.
2. At 96 percent: Windows 10 is active in backing up your information.
3. At message: It is taking a little longer than normal to establish your apparatus, but it ought to be ready shortly. Things are just about completed.
Well, the sole suggestions you can give for all those confronting such issues is to wait. Wait around for some time some let the process complete. Aside from that, another tip is that in the event the update looks lethargic, disconnect any USB devices and protracted display cables which could possibly be connected. This is expected to accelerate the download and update procedure significantly.

Compattelrunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Windows 10

Compattelrunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Windows 10
Compattelrunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a lot of new capabilities. Within this lengthy list of attributes, a fresh Telemetry and data collection attributes are also there, which gathers all your user information and send it back to Microsoft. Though Microsoft has tagged this attribute a means to enhance the consumer experience. Nonetheless, there are allegations on Microsoft it’s spying on you. Some user does not need to share their information, as the information stored within their system is extremely sensitive. Additionally, a few of the consumers reported that Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry procedure has lately begun causing quite large disk utilization in your Windows 10 program. Many users have reported that after upgrading to Windows 10, they’ve begun confronting many problems with storage. The consumers reported that this issue since Windows 10 Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disc problem.

Microsoft telemetry capacity is supplied with the Diagnostic Tracking Service and is totally opt-in. Last month, Microsoft delivered some updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8 consumers (KB3075249, KB3080149and KB3068708) that could offer the indistinguishable telemetry data. Microsoft telemetry is quite important to support in Windows 10 that gathers data in the computer and sends it back into the Window developer. Currently Microsoft asserts that it collects advice for improving the consumer’s experience and improving the Windows system to make it easier.

If you’re using Windows 10 for quite a while then you’ve discovered that Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is empowered By Default but suddenly it began with a massive amount of CPU and slow down your computer system.

Everyone appears to be concerned about their privacy in Windows 10. But many Windows 10 consumers are worried about this automatic data collection. After disabling configurations, you can sit back, relax and stop worrying about your privacy in Windows 10.


Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a support in Windows 10 which incorporates technical information regarding the how the Windows devices and its associated software is functioning and send this information periodically to Microsoft in order to improve the user experience by mending the prospective problems which happen.

What’s Windows telemetry information?? This Data incorporates fundamental system diagnostics data, logs of how often you use applications and features, system files, and probably more metrics which have to be revealed. All this kind of information comes beneath the Telemetry data.




There are 4 approaches to disable Microsoft Compatibility telemetry via CompatTelRunner.exe document but before that, you need to understand what CompatTelRunner.exe is and exactly what it does.

***Notice: To mend or eliminate Microsoft Compatibility telemetry Problems, utilize the table of contents straight and then go to the section “mend high CPU and disc Use Issue by CompatTelRunner.exe”


It’s a procedure that’s utilized to update your system to the newest OS version or alternative Service Pack upgrades.

This Procedure is part of a Windows Update, especially the KB2977759 one, that stands like the Compatibility upgrade for Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacturer).

It takes storage up that might slow down your PC, and you’ll almost certainly wish to eliminate it. Users complained of numerous CompatTellRunner.exe files showing up at the Task Manager swallowing CPU and Disk Utilization.


It’s used to do diagnostics in your computer to find out whether there’s the prospect of compatibility problems and collects application telemetry data if opted-in into the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

It enables Microsoft to guarantee compatibility if you would like to install the most recent version of Windows OS.


The CompatTelRunner.exe document can be found in the System32 folder and can be possessed by the TrustedInstaller any alterations you attempt to perform to it is going to probably be met with an “Access is denied” error, meaning that you can not change or delete it at all.

This is due to the fact that the approach is possessed by TrustedInstaller, and everything else just includes a Read Only consent, and you can not change it. Though this practice isn’t mandatory and may be deleted if you really do need Microsoft to diagnose your own system by itself and execute the compatibility checks, then let it operate. This may be a privacy concern for a few.